1.Jago Investor

Through Jago Investor Manish Chauhan is trying to ‘demystify’ the Financial Planing ethics. He deals with all the fieldsrelated to financial planing and why one needs a financial planer.

2.Safal Niveshak

Safal Niveshak is the brain child of Vishal Khandelwal. The blog consists of stories of successful investor around the world. It also conducts interviews with investors in India. Safal Niveshak also offers e-books and courses related to investing.

3.Basu Nivesh

BasuNiveshisaninitiative started with the aim of educating each individualin dealing theirfinancial life, making aware about mis-selling which may come into your life at any time through any means. Basavraj Tonagatti says ‘Ignorance isroute causefor all such bad practices.’

4.Apna Plan

Amit is a MBA guy with lot more certification from NSE. His blog Apna Plan gives every information related to Mutual Funds, Insurance, Stocks, FDs & RDs, Loans, Taxes, Retirement Planing, Smart Shoppingand Calculators.

5.Money Excel

Raviraj started Money Excel with a view that ‘even urban Indian consumers are less aware about financial products and importance of financial planning’. Money Excel, excels inpersonal finance, investment, financial planning, insurance, real estate, stock market and other financial products.


ReLakhs is authored by Shrikanth, a Certified Financial Planer. Itcovers wide array of personal finance topics like insurance,home loans,banking services,mutual funds,tax planning,stock markets,commodities (gold) etc.

7.One Mint

OneMint started out as “Mint” as a name of a computer in the network of computers, owned by a college student Manshu. Later Manshu converted Mint computer into OneMint blog. He writes aboutpersonal finance, technology and economics.

8.The Financial Literates (TFL)

Author, Hemant Beniwal is a Certified Financial Planner. TFL offers services in Comprehensive Financial Planning.

9.Chartered Club

Started by Karan Batra in 2009, Chartered Club aims to simplify the complex tax laws in India and make everyone aware of the tax laws and help them manage their taxes better.


P V Subramanyam is a Chartered Accountant. Hehas trained people in mutual funds, life insurance companies, private sector banks, brokerage houses, and many big companies across India. His blog SubraMoney conducts financial planning workshops within corporate, helping employees save better, invest better, equipping smart people with the tools to get richer.

11.Get Money Rich

Get Money rich contains Loan Calculator, dedicated column for Best Funds, Share Tips, Investment Ideas and articles based on self experience and research.

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