What tasks have gotten harder for sales people to do In recent years? Every year, CMPTL publishes the State of Inbound report, and we've recently incorporated sales themes into our study. Inbound sales is an intrinsic part of the inbound methodology and we plan on continuing to benchmark sales priorities, challenges, and trends.

According to our data, getting a response from prospects has become much more difficult. As a result, salespeople around the world are focusing more on social selling and making their sales funnel more efficient.

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As buyer preferences continue to change, how has your organization adapted your sales team's selling tactics? Is there greater investment in sales enablement tools? Are your sales leaders doubling down on sales and marketing alignment? Or do you find what used to work still does the trick?

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Source: https://blog.hubspot.com/sales/take-hubspots-2016-state-of-inbound-sales-survey

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