Web designing has been an ever expanding industry since the number of users on the web has drastically increased from 74 million in 1996 to the current markup of over 2 billion.

The major innovations were the usage introduction of CSS to make HTML code semantic and PHP ,which paved the way for dynamic web pages.Subsequently web 2.0 has seen a rise in social media sites,blogs and wikis to dominate the web.

The recent open source revolution and the mobile web designing has drawn the scope to new dimensions.Currently,the development kits are freely available online and in the recent week, Apple has released their flagship Maverick OS as an open source model for any aspiring developer to develop and modify and distribute for further improvement, a very important aspect of open source software is collaboration and improvement.

Web designing is poised to see a massive upheaval in the coming years , with many gadgets getting synchronized and valuable product offering to be made in special highlights..Refridgerators,cars ,etc. Television sets have already implemented the smart tv model and is the logical migration of technology. 

Web design involves not just the layout but creative,relevant and appreciable elements to be integrated into it to make navigation and/or understanding of the content wider, deeper and in more detail.Today's large presence of web designing professionals across the world have a large role to play in embracing the ever multiplying rate of technology upheaval and offer a crystal and dynamic interface to access the back end and other services offered.

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