There are several ways and methods by which a person can pass a message to other individuals. The approach and the method adopted will have a huge bearing on the quantity and the quality of the audience.

One of the best ways to ensure that a particular message is passed on to maximum number of people is to adopt the mass communication methods. Mass communication refers to dispersal of information to a large number of people un-selectively. In this method, the message is communicated to a comparatively large number of people without selecting the prospective audience. There are several benefits of mass communication in advertising. When most of the advertising methods rely on informing people who are already using a particular product about a new product, mass communication will help companies bring more people under the purview of sales of that product. Mass communication can be very useful when you wish to bring in more clientele and horizontally expand as well as penetrate vertically.

While most other methods will convince a person using a product to try out a different homogenous product, mass communication can be useful in informing the prospective clients about the existence of a new kind of product. This method of communication can be very effective when you want to spread word about health programs, community events and any special gatherings. Even though this method will not be able to convince the audience completely, it will do its job of informing rather effectively. There are several channels through which mass communication can be undertaken. Some of the most prominent are: radio, television and internet.

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