Advertising is an approach of marketing where in the firm actively tries to propagate its products or services to the prospective clients. Advertising is non selective in the sense that it does not try to get through to the people who are actually looking for the product or service but to anyone who may or may not be interested.

This is one of the main reasons why people consider advertising to be a chance based marketing strategy. Yet, it is true that advertising has a kind of mass appeal that very few other marketing strategies or approaches have. The best thing about advertising is that a firm will be able to get through to a larger number of audiences at a time than any other approach. One of the best ways of advertising is with the help of bill boards. This approach is an age old one and still continues to be very effective.

In the digital world however, there are numerous other kinds of advertising which are soon gaining a lot of popularity. Advertising on television shows became very common since the 1960s and now with the explosion of the internet, there are more radical and revolutionary approaches to marketing and advertising. The best thing about advertising on the internet is it is completely free and one will barely have to pay a fee unless the advertising is done on someone else’s website or webpage. There are numerous ways by which one can advertising on the internet. One can either make use of blogs or place ads in the websites of related items or services. The world of marketing has become so complicated that almost all companies rely on advertising in one form or another to get across to their prospective customers.   

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