It was once believed that animation was useful only in creating comic strips for regular comic magazines. This misconception is fast fading away and animation is making its presence felt in almost all fields.

With a meteoric rise in the technological capabilities of modern digital media players, animation is now taking a three dimensional form. Unlike the regular animation which involves just two dimensional representations, the 3D animation can truly bring comic characters into life. There are numerous uses of 3D animation. More recently, there have been several Walt Disney movies which have employed 3D animation. The recent Tintin Movie was a fine example of the depth and clarity in 3D animation. With the passage of time, there has been a rise in the number of 3D animation films and movies which are coming out.

With the advent of television sets with inbuilt 3D playing ability, there has been a massive rise in the number of movies and films which have 3D animation. There are also several cartoon shows which have started making use of the 3D animation technology. It is believed that in the near future even television ads and commercials will start making use of the 3D animation technology to connect to the viewers. With the kind of rise that the industry is witnessing, there is no telling where the 3D animation technology will take us. One of the most crucial aspects about the 3D animation technology is that it can be used to depict certain things which the previous animation technology just could not accomplish. It is believed that kids in the future will be able to enjoy a more realistic depiction of the solar system or a more realistic view of the atom with the help of 3D animation technology.

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