Integrated customer marketing is the key to driving increased loyalty; customer lifetime value and overall return on ad spend. Customers are being inundated with various marketing media from direct campaigns like catalogs, direct mail and email, to indirect media like paid search and affiliate and social marketing. By creating an integrated, customer-oriented marketing program, you will increase the retention rate and overall value of the base.

Your marketing strategy should identify the various touch points to reach your end customers. Design the campaign for all the media vehicles. Start the activity together across all the media and start measuring the results. Based on the outcome, you can tweak the message or the graphics for better result.

Integration marketing is focused on maximizing the opportunities from multiple channels to grab and engage the attention of your prospects. Whether it’s Internet marketing, email marketing, direct mail, or mobile marketing you’ve got to manage the flow and conversion of visitors to leads when you are conducting an integrated marketing campaign. Take a look at these tips and ideas that should help you to pull off your multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Establish campaign goals in advance
as with any marketing campaign, setting goals in advance will help you manage the details and measure success. Take a snapshot analytics report before you launch the campaign so that you can compare the results and see if you have achieved your goals.

Use a unified branding scheme
with multi-channel marketing campaigns, you will have people coming into contact with your brand via email, your website, landing pages, social media, mobile and direct mail. Make sure that your branding is unified across all of the different mediums. From your Twitter page, to your blog’s layout, visitors should find a familiar brand experience.

Landing pages optimized for each channel
let’s say you send out postcards with a QR code on them inviting readers to visit your site for a special coupon offer. Given that the only way for them to access the special offer is by scanning the code with their smart phone, it makes sense that you should make sure that the QR code sends visitors to a mobile optimized landing page.

Regardless of the channel, the landing page that the visitor comes too should remind them of the ad they are responding to and provide a way for them to give you their name and contact information and get what they came for.

Focus on list building
as you are interfacing with prospects through these various channels, the focus should be on adding them to your database. Structure your offers so that visitors will have to leave their name, email address and phone number in order to get a valuable incentive product or freemium. Set clear expectations about how often you will be sending mailings and what kind of content they can expect from you. Create a rapport with these new subscribers and give them lots of reasons to stay on your list and connected to you and your brand.

Test and track your results
when you are marketing through these varied channels, you’ll want to come up with some numbers so that you can determine which ones yielded the best results for you. If you make changes and tweak headlines or offers, testing can tell you which version of a creative was more effective than the other.

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